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WLC CLI Cheatsheet
By Brandon James on 2019-07-30

I'm on the WLC CLI much less often than NXOS or IOS so I haven't really committed all the commands to memory. This reference documents some of the useful things I do or have done in the past on the WLC CLI.

Useful Show Commands

AP Configuration

Generally APs should be configured automatically using the WLC, after all that's the entire point of using a WLC. However, when cleaning up existing environments or migrating to a new environment, it might be necessary to configure the APs directly.

Making batch AP configuration changes (Example: Batch migrating APs from their primary controller to the secondary)

The following example works on linux machines, but a similar process can also be performed using an excel spreadsheet

config paging disable
show ap join stats summary all

A similar process can be used for other batch AP changes. Keep in mind that in cases where the AP has to reboot the character 'y' is required between commands. Example

config ap group-name BLG1-AP-GROUP BLG1-FLR1-AP1
config ap group-name BLG1-AP-GROUP BLG1-FLR1-AP2