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Practical Automation - Netwatch

By Brandon James on 2019-09-12 Filed Under: Automation, Programming
In this article I give a brief introduction to my Netwatch script.

How I Automate - Concurrency

By Brandon James on 2019-08-01 Filed Under: Automation, Programming
Interacting with Network Devices can often be I/O limited. A function runs, waits for a response from the device, then another function runs so on and so forth. This is made worse by the fact that scripts are often run against multiple devices. After all the purpose of scripting is to speed up repetitive tasks.

How I Automate - Script Configuration using YAML

By Brandon James on 2019-02-17 Filed Under: Automation
Code reuse is an important part of scripting. You should avoid needing to modify your script each time you run it. This is one way of doing so.