Hi! My name is Brandon James. I am a Data Center Network Engineer, currently working for Facebook1 and living in Fort Worth, TX. My professional background includes enterprise and data center networking, automation, virtualization, storage, Windows servers, Linux servers and a bit of desktop support. I am a graduate of Texas Tech University where I studied Economics and minored in Computer Science. I am also slowly2 working towards an MS in CS though Arizona State online. To this day, I maintain a strong interest in Computer Science which has a direct impact in the way I approach networking topics.

Outside of my professional life, Iā€™m a father, husband, dog owner, trail runner and wannabe landscape/wildlife/family photographer. To see what else I'm up to, visit brandonsjames.com.


NTN runs on a custom backend written in Python using the Flask framework. I've released the code under GPLv3, so if you're curious check it out on my github. It's recently undergone a partial rewrite to improve reusability, simplify the UI and to improve the consistency of the rendered markdown files3.

I decided to write my own backend for a few reasons. 1) I wanted to build public facing server side network tools 2) I prefer using my text editor to write markdown files over using an in-browser editor like the one offered with ghost 3) I wanted to learn Flask and get better at web development.

On NTN you can expect to find technical articles related to computing. I say this because despite the domain name and what I do for a living, I'm interested in a wide variety of computing topics. That being said, as a consequence of what I do for a living, most of my posts will be network related.

NTN Tools

NTN Tools was created based on an idea I had during my days working in managed services. If I'm at a customer site, working on their web-facing infrastructure, but my laptop is using their internal DNS and sending requests from inside their network. It would be convenient to perform basic checks via a public facing web service. NTN Tools was written several years after I left the MSP, but I use it quite a bit and have a backlog of new tools that I'd like to write.

  1. Any options expressed on neverthenetwork.com are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of my employer.ā†©

  2. I took my first course in Spring 2020 and plan to take 2 classes per year. Assuming I stick to this plan it will take me 5 years to finish the degree. Which is perfectly fine with me as I'm taking the classes for fun and don't want to overburden myself.ā†©

  3. NTNv1 rendered markdown using Flask-FlatPages, which wasn't terrible, but I prefer the output I get from pandoc.ā†©